Pippa and Tolkien
Pippa Griffin MRC
When Sally first came to treat my 15-year old super cob Tolkien (aka The Dude) he sometimes seemed unhappy in his work. Even after one treatment he was markedly improved but now - after four - he is transformed! He has gone from strength to strength in competition, being placed at several British Dressage Area Festival Championships and even competing at the British Dressage Winter Championships at Hartpury. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Jackie Horner
I have been very lucky to have my pony Flossy stabled at Sally’s livery yard for the past 16 years and have always admired her affinity with the animals in her care and respected her advice. When she decided to become a McTimoney practitioner, I was very keen for her to treat Flo. Flo is a 32 year old Welsh mare who still thinks she is 12. Unfortunately, her body does not agree. She has suffered with arthritis for several years which sometimes makes it difficult for her to get up after lying down. Consequently, she is always misaligning her pelvis. Regular treatments with Sally have meant that I have been able to carry on hacking her out and suntil this year she has kept up with the horses on the yard many years younger than her. Sally is very professional and explains what she is doing and why. She is also extremely patient. Flo is a typical Welshie mare who, because of her regular treatments, now anticipates what is about to happen, so Sally has to encourage Flo to relax and accept the treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally. I have seen the results of her treatments on Flo and other horses and they work.
Sharon Gwynn Sports massage therapist
When my dog, Parker, used to run his back legs appeared to want to join the front ones. Thanks to Sally's treatments not only is he running with his back in a straight line but he doesn’t appear to be in as much discomfort - totally recommend!!
Helen Vernon
Director Animals at Home
I have used regular therapists for my young horse for some time now, to make sure he's in the best possible shape to do the increased work we're asking of him, working on the principle that prevention is better than cure. Sally has made a marked difference to Splodge’s way of going and strength of my horse. He is a large lad, still growing and has a large frame to fill so has weaknesses that sally is working on. Splodge seems to accept and enjoy it as he does lots of licking and chewing during the treatment.
Sharon Gwynn
Sally helped to straighten up Parker's back and now he moves in a line instead of a curve. This has reduced the pain he was getting when going up the stairs and on walks, thank you Sally for your help and professional approach to sorting out his problem. I would definitely recommend anyone who is having problems with their dog to see you.
Vicki Cuff
I am amazed at the difference in our two ponies, having never had McTimoney treatment before, they both responded amazingly well to the first treatment, despite having different requirements. We followed Sally's post treatment advice thoroughly and this subsequently made a difference when they received their second treatment. It is obvious to see the improvement, even to the untrained eye. Everything Sally mentioned has been so accurate - including behaviour, mobility and posture. I am so impressed with how much happier, more flexible and 'looser' the ponies are. I am looking forward to seeing more improvement with their next treatment and anticipating reaching a stage where only maintenance is required. Thank you so much Sally.

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