How McTimoney Can Benefit Your Cat

Not many of us would consider ‘back’ treatments for our feline friends. Yet it is becoming more sought after, very often for tragic reasons. The number of cats involved in car accidents is rising, but thankfully, many survive, however at great physical cost.

Cat Skeleton

After making a full medical recovery, cats may still experience some detrimental effects on their fragile skeletal system.

Have you Noticed?

  • Change in gait pattern
  • Struggling to jump up and down from high places as they used to
  • Reduced mobility
  • A change in the way they carry themselves. Tail may appear off centre
  • Finding cleaning/grooming themselves more difficult
  • Problems with using the litter tray
  • Tension and stiffness
  • Muscle asymmetry
  • Sensitivity to being touched compared to normal
  • Behavioural changes

Sally has a special affiliation with cats, due to running the successful  Greenbarn Boarding Cattery for the past ten years. Take a look!

McTimoney can Help

By applying the gentle re-alignment techniques relevant to correcting the imbalances in your cat’s physical frame, your purrfect pet will once again feel comfortable, capable and cat-like!

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