How McTimoney Can Benefit Your Horse

The musculoskeletal system of today’s horse has many demands placed on it, especially those which compete. Even those considered ‘Happy hackers’ have physical demands placed on them, being expected to wear tack and carry their rider. It is therefore not unexpected that our requirements will, over time, create wear and tear on their bodies.

Horse Skeleton

Horses are experts at masking discomfort and pain as they find ways to rebalance themselves causing compensations within their movement. Common symptoms that may indicate your horse has back pain or musculoskeletal issues can be seen below:-

Broncing HorseCrooked Rider

Have you noticed?

  • Changes in gait pattern
  • Balance issues such as being unable to canter with the correct lead
  • Rushing into fences
  • Reluctance to jump
  • Lack of impulsion
  • Toe dragging
  • Evasive behaviour including bucking, rearing, napping etc
  • Lack of interest in ridden work shown by a decrease in energy levels
  • Behavioural changes
  • Altered tail carriage such as holding one side more than the other or excessive swishing
  • Saddle slipping
  • Uneven muscle development
  • Tension and stiffness
  • Not tracking up, often on one rein more than the other
  • Cold backed
  • Head tilt in ridden work or leaning on one rein more than the other
  • Sensitivity to being touched or rugged

These symptoms can be caused by a direct trauma, such as an accident, a fall or getting cast, or through compensation as a result of injury. However, many issues can also build up over time as a result of poorly fitting tack, conformational problems, improper foot balance or a specific riding style. As riders, we can also be a factor if we ourselves are unbalanced, as this may cause our horse to compensate for any unequal weight distribution.

McTimoney can help!

McTimoney can work well in keeping the musculoskeletal system aligned, balanced and healthy by increasing flexibility and joint range of motion, resulting in improved gait and limb co-ordination.

Find out about Treatment

Regular check-ups can ensure that there are no problems brewing and that your horse is always moving soundly to the best of their ability.  It can also have a very positive effect on older animals, easing any aches and pains as well as keeping them agile and mobile in their veteran years.