I love following the improvement of all the animals that I treat and watching their personalities emerge, especially in those that have shown chronic issues. It is a real buzz and incredibly rewarding.

Sally’s love of horses led her to leave home at the age 16 to attend Hartpury College in Gloucester in order to study Equine Business Management. During her studies she discovered a love of science and, consequently, she then went on to successfully complete a BSc in Equine Science.

On her return home, she went on to manage the family livery yard and start her own cattery, caring for a variety of horses and cats, some with difficult medical backgrounds. Her interest in McTimoney came about while trying many therapists for her own mare, Lucy, who had an extensive history of lameness due to rupturing an extensor tendon in her formative years (alongside of other injuries). Many of these therapists claimed that they could not help keep Lucy going and recommended that she be retired. However, McTimoney therapy did what the others failed to do and she and Sally successfully represented their riding club at dressage for several years.

Lucy continues to be ridden, though she no longer competes. Meanwhile, Sally continues to ride her horse Frank. By her own acknowledgement Sally is not particularly competitive and mostly enjoys riding for pleasure.

This interest prompted her to attend the McTimoney college of Chiropractic to obtain her Masters. Sally is now a fully qualified and insured member of the McTimoney Animal Association which is responsible for setting and monitoring professional standards within the industry. Sally's dog, Meg It is a requirement of all members to maintain their level of expertise by undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) She is also a voracious reader and has read many books on the subject in order to perfect her skills.

Due to her background and upbringing, it is no surprise that Sally has ended up following a career in this area. She was raised on a small-holding and grew up surrounded by cows, sheep, chicken, turkeys, geese, and ducks as well as the family pets which included a pony, cats and dogs.

Sally's boss, HamptonFrom a very early age she was responsible for the welfare of the animals in her life. Nowadays, she still surrounds herself with animals being ‘mum’ to her horse Frank, dog Meg and a very demanding cat called Hampton, all of whom benefit from her McTimoney skills.

With the help of her staff, she continues to run her cattery alongside her McTimoney treatments, and feels lucky to have such a varied and interesting work life.